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Accessories and Parts
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8100-0114 Pb Free Controller Replacement/Upgrade
Product Details
8100-0114 Pb Free Controller Replacement/Upgrade **Set Point Temperature over 316C*** Oven Temperature Convection Rework is critical when reworking Lead Free components. The SMT component reflow temperature is higher for Lead-Free materials but the heat source should be kept to an optimum con-vection temperature to avoid damag-ing surrounding SMT components. Replicating the manufacturing method using a convection hot air reflow technology is the safest method.
Product Specifications

Works with Chipmaster, Chipmaster-Z, Flowmaster, Flowmaster-z, and Bandit. ****Not for use in Hot Plate*** Use part numer 8100-0114-HP for hot plate controller. 1. Mode 1 Digital Timer Controller: Manual Unit is set to run one ramp via foot pedal operation. In ?Mode 1? the Digital Timer Controller has the ability to store a single adjusted ramp rate. The controller will record the removal time. The removal time is utilized for the reinstallation of the IC. The controller will count backwards from the removal time to zero indicating when the process is complete. 2. Mode 2 4 Ramp Storage Controller: T-2 This unit functions the same as ?Mode 1? with the additional ability to store 4 separate ramp rates. ?Mode 2? has the ability to store 4 adjusted ramp rates. 3. Mode 3 Auto Ramp Controller: T-1 The Auto Ramp ?Mode 3? can store 4 adjusted ramp profiles. The unique feature with ?Mode 3? is its semi-automation. Once the unit has been set with a set point temperature and a ramp time all the operator has to do is hit the foot pedal to start the ramping process. When the IC is removed the operator hits the foot pedal again and the process is stopped, hitting the foot pedal also records the removal time. (If the operator neglects to hit the foot pedal the second time the unit will automatically shut off in 10 minutes.) Once the removal time is stored the unit will automatically add the additional time required to complete the reinstallation. This additive is a variable that can be change by the customer. For reinstallation the operation depresses the foot pedal again and the unit will begin the reinstallation, at the end of the cycle the unit automatically shuts off. 4. Mode 4 Ramp/Soak Controller: Ramp/Soak The Ramp/Soak ?Mode 4? features 4 Ramp/Soak profiles. Each Profile can be set for 4 separate Ramp/Soak segments. Also, stored profiles can be linked to each other. Two profiles can be linked together to give an operator 8 Ramp/Soak segments. This unit also features an automated process. To activate a profile the operator simply hits the foot pedal and walks away. The unit will shut down at the end of the process.
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